Tech-Ed 2006 in Eilat, Israel


Just got back from Eilat.

It was my first-time at a Tech-Ed event and I’d like to thank my bosses at SQLink that gave me the opportunity to go there, after only about half a year in the company.I am very impressed by the level of the organization. Everything there as ticking to the second, from the gr8 sessions, through the transportation system, and of course, the famous beach party …

I went there with my Manager (Moty), my CTO (Roee) and my colleage (Oren). We’ve all learned a lot, and had some fun (check Oren’s blog for details in the next few days - He brought a magical non eating batteries kind’ a digital camera along with us).

It was my first experience meeting the MS people that actually have a lot of influence on the way we all code, being the ones that design and implement core features of the development frameworks, and even of the programming languages themselves.

I’ll update this post once I’ve settled from the trip (including a lot of petting to my 3 cats …).

I’ve also had a little time there to draft some messages I’ve wanted to post here during the last two months. I hope I’ll upload some of that during the upcoming weekend, and the week that follows. I hope. That I will post, not that the week will follow, cuz weeks usually follows weekends, but I do not usually post more that one post a week. I hope, too, that this would change. Not the week-following-weekend-following-week thingy, but the posting habits of mine.

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