ActiveRecord Beginner's Resources


I’ll post here links for stuff that I find usefull, for people who are doing their first steps in the Castle’s ActiveRecord’s world.

This post is to be updated while finding more resources.

Note that this is not a replacement for the official ducomentation that can be found on Castle’s website, but merely a place to do the beginner’s life somewhat easier.

Posts by Hamilton hammett Verissimo, who is the engine behind the whole story: sure that you are following his blog.

An article by Ayende about using Generics with ActiveRecord:[,.Net_2.0_and_Generics](,.Net_2.0_and_Generics)as before - stay tuned to Ayende’s blog for he very experienced in ActiveRecord and in NHibernate too, for the matter. He is also avery readablewriter.

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