Brail and xml-ing the markup


I like XHTML more than I like HTML.

But IE doesn’t think so.

He needs the markup to be very explicit about the web page being xhtml.

.xhtml isn’t enough, and even not Doctype-ing.

No. he must have the optional <?xml version=”1.0” ?>.

So I’ve added it to my file.

Boo? Boom. Boo marks macros (such as <?brail ?>) with <? ?> blocks, and Boo doesn’t recognize a macro with the name xml.

My current solution is to write: <?brail output ‘<’ output ‘?xml version=”1.0” ?’output ‘>’ ?> I guess that adding a dummy xml macro would make the boo templates look nicer, but it is an ugly solution, and since (ugly & nice != nice), we need a better solution.

Maybe a change in Brail (on, to transform <?xml … ?> stuff to it’s “output” equiv, can be done.

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