Finally - DasBlog 1.9 is out


I’ve mention before that my current DasBlog installation isnt very stable. Some of my readers have complaints about slow responsiveness, problems with commenting and other stuff that do not work as smoothly as should.

I was on the verge of trying something else (.text or even implementing a light blogging engine as a MonoRails showcase), but I’ll give DasBlog 1.9 a shot, since it has loads of features that I do not have the time to implement right now, and I do find DasBlog as a darn greatpiece of code.

You can find a detailed post on the matter at Scott Hansleman’s blog.

So, my site canbe unstable for the next few hours (days?) untilI’ll finish the upgrade (including the backup of the current folders, and uploading the new version on a96kbits upload stream from Israel to the hosting farm located at Seattle, WA. I hope the files can swim all they way up there :) ).

Without furture ado - let’s the upgrade begin

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