DasBlog 1.9 - (almost) working


So I’ve had some issues with perrmisions.

I’ve had some issues with the forms authentication, I’ve changed the path attribute to /Blog and it screwed everything up. changed back to “/” and now it works.

I’ve have to do 3 more things, all related to the theme.

  1. Setup the google analytics thingie into the hometemplate.

  2. Fix the annoying thing with adding comments. I guess the textboxes are set to width=100% or something like that, and since the right colums seams to be floating and taking some room of the main div, the “add comments” section is pushed downward and it look “buggie” (hey, I wanted to add a comment but I see an empty content page. Oh, I should scroll down, Hmm Silly me.).

  3. Do some styling.

I like this theme for it’s relatively clean HTML and css based positioning.

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