Good Agile, Bad Agile


UPDATED:The linkes that was reported broken are now fixed. I hope.

Steve Yegge has done it again.

I mean, he is starting another war, after the one he started on his notorious post: “Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns”.

Now he’s after the Agile stuff.

You can agree with him, or disagree, but you must accept that:

a. He is a very funny writer,

b. He has a point. If you think the opposite way, you should be familiar with hisarguments, in order to know yours better,

c. It seams great towork for Goggle, eve though he insiststhat he’s not working as a recruiter.

I’dwarmly advise onreading his blog rss-ly, so you won’t miss any of his witty stuff.

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