ASP.NET Ajax (aka ATLAS) is maturing and reached Beta 1 stage


As said in the title, ASP.NET Ajax (aka ATLAS) is maturing and reached Beta 1 stage.

I haven’t being too mush into it lately, since I’ve beenunder the impression that though Microsoft’s ASP.NET Ajax library was very rich and had many features, it also suffered from many childhood problems, including too many js errors, and a huge .js script to download.

Now, it has an official name, and a beta release, and it’s maturing. The .js was split by functionality, release and debug version of the .js are present, prototyped classes have replaced the closure based ones, and it’s better for me cuz I find it easier to overload behaviuors when needed.

So try it outand read what Scott Guthrie has to say about it.

Since nowadays I’m more into MonoRail over Brail than into Webforms, I guess that the Core package is what really intresting for me, and I’ll try to combine it with AjaxHelper from MonoRail. I hope to report on the matter shotrly.

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