AspView - Yet another MonoRail ViewEngine


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So what is AspView?

It is a Visual Studio 2005 friendly ViewEngine implementation.

The scripting is done using VisualStudio languages (c# and VB.NET). The views are precompiled, (or can be compiled on-demand, but anyway not interpreted).

The project was inspired by the Brail ViewEngine, but since it doesn’t use Boo it is more Management-Friendly, since they need not worry about getting out of the “safe” microsoft world.

I tend to like Boo as a language very much, and I like Brail a lot, too (since it allows for less code in the view thanks to the Boo magic) but I lack the tight Visual Studio integration (opening .boo files in #Develop messes up my desktop), and the intellisense is quite important, at least for the developers I worl with.

So I will post in the next few days about it, and I’ll make it available to be downloaded (source and binary) as soon as I’ll test it a little more. I hope to have a public svn repository soon.

A little demo view:

   1:  <%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="Castle.MonoRail.Views.AspView.ViewAtDesignTime"%>   2:  <%   3:  string[] strings;   4:  %>   5:     6:     7:  hello from index<br />   8:  This are the strings:<br />   9:  <%foreach (string s in strings) { %>  10:  <%=s %><br />  11:  <%  } %>  12:    13:  <br />  14:  End of normal view  15:  <br />  16:  <% OutputSubView("Home/SubViewSample"); %>

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