Some improvements in AspView - revision 47 is out


What’s new?

  1. siteRoot has been added to AspViewBase, so you can ditch the “string siteRoot” from the declerations area.

  2. Some permormance improvements. Instead of using “Activator.CreateInstance” everytime a view is to be rendered, a hashtable with ConstructorInfo objects is generated upon reading CompiledViews.dll. This was taken from the c# version of Brail

  3. A new syntax for subviews:

you can use

   1:  <subView:MyMenu item="menuItem"></subView:MyMenu>

instead of

   1:  <% OutputSubView("MyMenu", Helper.Dict("item", "menuItem")); %>

take note the <subView:Blah /> is not currently allowed. I’ll fix it shortly.

the link is here

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