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Moran has decided to move on, so now we’re hiring a new teammate for my team.

What do we do?The team is an in-house startup (which means that we have no V.C. no our back, and the funding is based on the other branches of the corporate - so we havea kind offreedom to do really exciting stuff, and use cutting edge technologiesthat WE choose). We are currently working on several websites that lives in thearea of public-content and social networking. Call it web 2.0 if you like. The team is small and intimate, and contains the corporate V.P. Business Development, me, and you. In addition to our main line of work, we also do some maintenance for the corporate’s IT systems, mainly on the integration of our recruitment site (www.gotfriends.co.il) with the inner H.R.system, HumaNet.

Where are we located?We are placed at the Diamond Exchange Area, in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

What technologies we currently use?- On the client side: cross-browser valid XHTML, Javascript (using prototype.js, script.aculo.us, YUI and other cool js libraries);- On the server side: Castle MonoRail, which is an ASP.NET port for RubyOnRails, with AspView as view-engine, and Castle ActiveRecord over NHibernate for OR/M. The main language is C# 2.0, but any CLI compliant language is okay (that means currently VB.NET and Boo, and also PHP5 and Ruby since they now have compilers for .NET in alpha/beta stages);- On the DB side: SQL Server 2005;- On the source control management: Subversion, with TortoiseSvn;

What will you do?You will become in charge of one of the websites. That means that you’d know it’s architecture, it’s ERD, it’s Javascript hacks and whatever. You’ll be a part of the decision making process for the site’s development, and the main coder for that project. In time, you’d do code-reviews on my work, just as I’ll review your’s. You’ll investigate new technologies to incorporate in our development process.

What you’ll need to know to be productive on my team?- Javascript, to the level of prototyping;- C# 2.0, including Anonymous Delegates, Generics and Reflection;- Strong OO knowledge and concepts;- Design efficient and normalized DB schemas.;- SQL to the level of complex nested queries, advanced SQL 2005 features (WITH, PIVOT, etc.), and complex data constraints using triggers;- ActiveRecord and MonoRail, including Hibernate’s HQL language;You’d have working skills with all of the above, and master at least two.

Who are you?You are a person with a passion for coding. You have high learning capabilities, and you really believe that you are, or can be, a Great Developer. You always seek to learn new things. It is probably not uncommon for you to try and find a better queue algorithm while you’re at the supermarket line to the cashier.You are not afraid of new programming languages. And most important, you are a easy-going and friendly, and able to remain like that even when on tight schedule or afterdiscoveringa horrifying bug in your code, at 10pm.

What you have done so far?You did some web development., and know your way aroundXHTML, DHTML, Javascript, etc. You are proficient in a mainstream high level language, preferably one of those:.NET (C#, VB.NET, Boo), ruby, java orpython. You are skilled with at least oneServer-Side technology, be itASP.NET, J2EE, PHP, RoR, or ASP3. You haveGood SQL skills. Not only CRUD stuff, but alsoknowledge of a mainstream DBMS DDL, nested queries, triggers, system tables, etc. MS-SQL Server 2005 is preferred. It will be nice if you have some experience with ActionScript or any other Flash language.

How do you apply?Just send me an email, to “kene AT sqlink dOt com” .

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