And the award for "The Best SQL Where Clause" goes to ...


It’s real. I took it from SQL profiler on a production database, ofa very popular HR software.The query should search for people withgiven name and surname.

WHERE(1=0OR ( Name= 'Ken Egozi' )OR ( Name= 'Egozi Ken' )OR ( Name= 'Ken Egozi' )OR ( NameLIKE'%Ken Egozi%' )OR ( NameLIKE'%Egozi Ken%' )OR ( NameLIKE'%Ken%' AND Name LIKE '%Egozi%' )OR ( NameLIKE'%Egozi%' AND Name LIKE '%Ken%' ))

A good laugh what I like for my birthday. (according to the Hebrew Calendar, it was yesterday)

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