Things my blog is missing


Since this blog is running on an engine that I wrote (available on Google code site, here), it lack some features that more mature blog engines already have. (the other engines lacks the combined power of ActiveRecord/MonoRail/AspView …)

So, that’s currently my list:

  1. Blogroll, for obvious reasons.

  2. Email alert for me when anyone posts a comment for one of my posts.

  3. Comments feed (via ATOM).


  1. Email subscriptions for new posts, or new comments on specific posts.

  2. I have a problem with the font. I should fix the CSS but the Internet connection here (I’m at a Budapest hotel) is quite poor. Will be fixed next week.


Any other suggestions?

note that I do not intent on implementing Pingbacks and Trackbacks, since those were littering my blog in the past.

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