I am using live.com from the wrong reason


How strange.

After the GoogleReader failure last week, now it seems that every google site is down. I cannot access google.com, google.co.il, gmail, reader, or calendar. my own search page that uses google ajax search api is down, too.

So I’m bound to use live.com for now. Not too bad it is, however a bit slower than google.com, and way slower than my own google-driven kenegozi.com


I hope gmail will be back soon.


google analytics is down, too. It’s making my blog uneasy.

Just a thougt. Is it happening only here?has my router started disliking google to the point of refusing network connections?


google is back, alive and kicking.

I can finish the email I’m was working on when it went down, and finally send it. Smashing. (hey - it’s 3:30am here, so cut me some slack)

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