Things I Learned About Software


Following Scott’s post, here are my listings (is four okay?):

Fourthings I learned about software (in University, not College):

  1. If you’ll help a friend with a red-black tree implementation in C++, he’d eventually help you with an assembler precompiler in C.

  2. Software Engineering is the only course where you can write a fully working program, with no compile warnings, with all tests green, and still get 60 out of a 100. (I’m sorry that my printing method was named ToString, while supposedly in ADA I should name itPut to keep convention with the language)

  3. The good looking gals usually do not attend CS classes. If they do, they take DB Basics and DBMS implementations.

  4. Watefall / BUFD is the ONLY WAY to manage software projects. I’ve had a 6 points course that dealt almost only on that. And they gave me 10% off the grade for doing a final design document without the proper fonts and colors.

Three things I learned about software while not in the university:

  1. A code you write alone is bad. At least get someone to do code-review, and at best, pair program, or open-source your code so it’d get looked at.

  2. You can either eat Pizzas,or have a loot of sugar-loaded-coffe mugs. If you do both, you’ll get fat. (that ofcourse, unless you are a gal who attended a non DB related CS course, and then you’re screwed anyway).

  3. O.O. languages is not the only way to go. Static typing is not always the best thing. Javascipt is actually a programming language.

  4. Scrum / XP / TDD / IoC / DI /MVC / UnitOfWork

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