MonoRail / AspView talk on August 15th


I’m going to give a talk about MonoRail (and AspView, of course), on the next C# UserGroup meeting, at Microsoft Israel offices in Raanana.

If you’re interested in a solid MVC implementation for web development, that leverages all the goodies of ASP.NET, without the complications of WebForms - this talk is for you.

I’ll brief over “what is MVC” , and then will demonstrate some of MonoRail’s features that can help you build web applications in a way that is easy, expressive, testable and fun. I’ll also demonstrate how to create a full MonoRail/AspView application from scratch, using trunk versions, as this is something that many people ask for on the Castledev and user lists, and on my email’s Inbox, too.

If you have any ideas/question about MonoRail or AspView, that you’d like me to address during that talk, please drop a comment here or to my email, and I’ll try to make room for that in my talk.

Admission is free, and you may attend without reserving a place.

However, the group admins kindly request that you notify them if you plan to attend so that they can be sure to have enough chairs and FOOD!

Contact them through the usergroup’s webpage.

See ya.

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