ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel Challenge


Actually, it’s not much of a challenge, but it is a catchy title.

Or is it?

Anyway, that’s the details:

I’d kindly ask all of you ASP.NET Ajax wiz guys (and gals), to supply me with a simple UpdatePanel thing.

What should it do?

I want to have a webpage, based onthis template, that on dropdown change, will go to the server with the selected value in the dropdown, and update the data (table) with some crap, based on the sent value.

You can leave the actual data retrieval to a simple method returning an array of string array, or you can go and implement a CodeSmith/DAAB/Whatever based supercool data access code. I would ignore it anyway. I want the Ajax stuff.

Now, to the why.

I am doing that MonoRail presentation at Microsoft’s Israel IVCUG (Israel Visual C(#/++) User Group) next week. I might be showing some demos, and I want to be fare when I show a comparison to WebForms stuff, and not come up with a crappy code and say “ha ha”, but show something that one of you, my-dear-readers-who-actually-uses-asp-net-ajax-for-living, wrote, and is considered a good example.

Also, I’m lazy. Seriously. Creating a presentation takes a LOT of time and effort, and I do not have much of the first, and rather avoid much of the later.

So, please do send me that code, to my-first-name at that-blog’s-hostname.


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