Bad Tips To Improve ASP.NET Application Performance?



Take a look at that tip sheet.

Are these guys serious?

Best quotes:

3. Avoid Server-Side ValidationTry to avoid server-side validation, use client-side instead. Server-Side will just consume valuable resources on your servers, and cause more chat back and forth.


12. Caching is Possibly the number one tip!Use Quick Page Caching and the Cache API! Lots to learn, its not as simple as you might think. There is a lot of strategy involved here. When do you cache? what do you cache?

if it’s no. one tip (and it is), why is it numbered 12?

20. Option Strict and Option ExplicitThis is an oldy, and not so much a strictly tip, but a .net tip in general. Make sure you turn BOTH on. you should never trust .net or any compiler to perform conversions for you. That’s just shady programming, and low quality code anyway. If you have never turned both on, go turn them on right now and try and compile. Fix all your errors.

what’s that has to do with performance?

I just can’t believe that CodeProject has linked to that article.

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