Does Javascript / CSS / HTML Suck?(**)


Well, it depends who you’re asking.

It also depends on how good you look, apparently.

If you’d ask John Bristowe he’d say YES.

If you’d ask a good-looking software consultant such as Justice Gray, he’d just get angry at John.

Now, seriously, my view on that:

Javascript is a GREAT language.

It’s VERY easy to work with(*)(and I mean, to do DHTML, not to write a WorkFlow engine or an OR/M).

You can O.O with Javascript, you can get functional, you’re a dynamic as you can get, and it’s THE most cross-platform thing today. It’d work exactly the same on every PC and MAC operating system from the last twothree five years.

Of course, lousy developers can write javascript code that would work only on FireFox, or only on IE6 and a XP machine without SP2 that was installed on a full moon Thursday evening.

But note that these kind of developers won’t be able to code a fizz-buzz in C/Java/C#.

And that’s what so great about javascript.

It works even for idiots.

(*) It is. Just throw prototype.js (or any other) and you’re a king. You say “it’s not fair”? well, that’s the whole point. Extending javascript from a “regular” one to a “prototype.js” one is possible, and even not that hard. Now try to do that for Java/C#/Whatever.

(**) The answer is No. If you haven’t guessed that by now, then forget about Javascript. Hell, forget about programming all together.

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