Typing Speed (or, Do I Need Resharper For Text?)


I’ve just tried the type speed test that I hadread about on Aaron’s blog.

My results (not excelled I’m afraid):

YOUR RESULTS ARE: Number of words typed: 145Test duration: 3 minSpeed: 48.6 words/min. (243 keystrokes/min.)Error penalty: 10Accuracy: 93.1%

For my defense I’d add that although I’m typing English since I was about 6 years of old, 90% of that typingwas inside of some kind of an IDE, and it was in languages such as BASIC, C and Pascal, rather than English. Only on the last year when I started blogging, the last half of a year when joined the Castle community, and the last couple of month of working at Music Glue, have I really done some proper typing in English…

So, maybe I typed slowly, but it was maintainable and testable.

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