It was a craic*


Just been back from a few days in Ireland, where I went with Sarit for a vacation, and for getting to a clearer state of mind. At least on that level it proved to be very productive,as I came back with more than a few solutions to problems I’ve been facing ,and even some new ideas for expanding the line of servicesthat we, at Music Glue, can provide.

Just so you’d understand how muse-ful can Ireland be:

Waterfall at Wicklow


View from Valetia Island

(All pictures were taken on a Canon S3 IS Camera - a perfect thing for a photo-newbie like me)

I’ll upload some more pictures in the next days. Actually, I guess it is high time I’ll get me a proper image sharing service subscription.

Any recommendation of a free (or low cost) ones?

I guess my priorities would be:

High availability;


Easy to use (allow multiple uploads, allow easy post-upload tagging);

More pictures to come …

*Craic: Irish word for fun/enjoyment that has been brought into the English language. usu. when mixed with alcohol and/or music. source:

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