IE7 to the masses - the end of IE6 compatibility issues?


That’s a great news for everyone who build websites and web applications.

IE7 would be installable even to XP users without the Genuine Check.

That means that in short time, the IE7 adoption rate would increase so much, that hopefully the annoying IE6 would become as obsolete as Netscape 4 and IE 5.5 …

No more dirty CSS hacks (or at least, a lot less)

No more buggy box-model

Finally we can use input[type=text] and the likes

I’ve kept IE6 on my box for so long only to be able to test what I write. Even though I use Firefox for day-to-day browsing, I still need IE for some crappy israeli sites that would just not work on non IE (and by not work - I mean that you get an alert box saying:

This site is IE only

For people who knows not Hebrew:

“This site supports IE browsers, from version 5.5 and up. Support to other browsers is planned for next release”

Ha Ha.

This message is there for at least a year.

And it’s not even dependant on ActiveX or other IE magic. It’s only some laziness regarding JS and CSS compatibility.

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