Some details on the new web MVC framework from Microsoft


Now that the Big Boys do actually listening to the community, and gives a shot at a solid MVC web framework is a Good Think.

I would really like to see that in action, and would really like to see how they are coming up with stuff that are more than just url->action wiring, such as parameter bindings, view-components, etc.

It’s going to be interesting, and MonoRail (and) might need some boost to keep being the (imho) no. 1 choice for Web MVC in .NET

It would be interesting also to see where would AspView fit in the new playground.

btw, would that be part of .NET 4.2?

Anyway, since it might take some time to get this new stuff on a production level, I do not believe that no one that works on production system (or those that are supposed to be at production during the coming year) should ditch MR. Even when it’d be out, I might consider MR as a better solution as it’s Open Source, therefore more self twickable, and a lot more responsive in terms of bugfixes.

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