The uncool wedding invitee, or, blogging on an old PDA


It’s time to reveal one of my major handicaps, that didn’t make it to my “five things you didn’t know about me” list:

I can’t dance.I hate to dance.I won’t dance.

Therefore: I am getting bored at weddings.

Yesterday at a wedding party of a good friend of ours, I found myself sitting at the table by myself, with only my old PDA to accompany me.

So I wrotea post about the new release of AspView.

I would’ve written that one, too, however the PDA went low on battery, so I’ve had to find something else to do.

That was, drawing some domain design concepts for a portion of my new project at Music Glue, not on napkins, but rather on the back side of my checkbook …

When we went home, the happy groom and bride hugged and thanked Sarit who was dancing all night like a party animal, and then gave me The Look. Yep, That one. That say “You’d better leave a fine present as no happiness came from your’s tonight”.

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