AspView - New Syntax for Passing Parameters to SubViews (Breaking Change)


The old syntax for passing parameters to subviews was:

View sources files used to look like this:

<%Page Language= ... %>... blah blah ...<subview:whatever name="value"></subview:whatever>

The problem was thatyou could only have passed variables (byname), so if you needed to pass a string literal you had to declare a string object with the literal:

<%Page Language= ... %>... blah blah ...<%string value="literal";  %><subview:whatever name="value"></subview:whatever>

The new syntax follows the syntax for view components, and also the expected scripting syntax.

so now:

&lt;%Page Language= ... %&gt;&lt;%%&gt;&lt;subview:whatever name="mike" age="<%=30%&gt;" currentItem="&lt;%=item%&gt;">&lt;/subview:whatever&gt;

would pass the string literal “mike” to name, the int constant 30 to age, and the object item to currentItem.

You can download the new binaries, and a utility to migrate your existing views to the new syntax, from

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