AspView - New Syntax for Properties Section (Breaking Change)


So, what is Properties Section?

View sources files used to look like this:

<%Page Language= ... %><% int someProperty;%>... rest of view ...

The problem was that if you had no properties (or have used the DictionaryAdpater option described here) then you had to have an empty section, like:

<%Page Language= ... %><%%>... rest of view ...

Which is quite ugly.

So, following Lee Henson’s suggestion,the properties section should now be wrapped in a special tag, and you can just omit that tag if you do not need to declare any properties.

The new syntax (new stuff in Bold Italic Font):

<%Page Language= ... %>**<aspView:properties>**<% int someProperty;%>**</aspView:properties>**... rest of view ...

You can download the new binaries, and a utility to migrate your existing views to the new syntax, from

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