Nesting View Components in AspView


Following a request from Gauthier Segay, AspView now supports nested view components.

scenarion: you are using CaptureFor to inject markup from a view to a layout, and you want the injected markup to include a view component output.

in the layout:

...<%=CapturedContent %>...

in the view:

...<component:CaptureFor id="CapturedContent"> Some markup <component:SomeFancyStuff>Fancy component content</component:SomeFancyStuff></component:CaptureFor>

While working on that, I found out yet another problem. nested components of same type would brake



would brake.

As you probably might know, the whole preprocessing of view, from AspView syntax to standard C# is done with Regular Expressions. For quickly doing the above, I helped myself to in order to build the balanced tags aware regular expression, and now it works like a charm. Roy Osherove’s Regulator was helpful, too.

So, as of revision 360 in Castle Contrib repository, nesting view components works (for both the trunk and the RC3 compatible branch)

As usual - go to to get the binaries, or to for the sources.


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