ViewFilter - Take 2


I’ve been asked lately about the use of the ViewFilter mechanism in AspView.

I’ve once written about it briefly here on my blog, and you can see it at

However, I’ll post another (a bit more realistic) example here.

Scenario: some kind of a CMS thing. You want to present the user with some markup, in both “preview” mode and “Source” modes.

If the server had direct access to the markup in a string literal, things were easy. That usually happens when the markup is to be supplied by an end user, either directly or through a WYSIWYG Html editor. You’d end up with something like:

public interface IContentItem{ public string Markup { get; }}

your view would look like:

<h3>Preview:</h3><div><%=view.ContentItem.Markup %> </div><h3>Source:</h3><div><%=Helpers.Html.HtmlEncode(view.ContentItem.Markup) %> </div>...

easy enough.

However, what if the piece of markup that you want to show, has some view-logic, so you have a template generating the markup from an entity? For example, this blog has a view “Posts/One” that gets a Post entity, and fits it into a single post markup, putting the title in a <h4>, tags in <span> with theit title and href, etc.

How can you show the markup source for that?

ViewFilter to the rescue.

In short - A ViewFilter is a way to transform a chunk of a view, using simple manipulations. Do not look for that on other View Engines, as it’s currently an AspView-only feature.

Let’s code our needed filter:

public class HtmlEncodeViewFilter : IViewFilter{ public string ApplyOn(string input) { return HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(input); }}

and in the view:

...&lt;% foreach (Post post in view.Posts) { %&gt;&lt;h3&gt;Preview:&lt;/h3&gt;&lt;subview:.Posts.One post="<%=post %&gt;" > &lt;/subview:.Posts.One&gt;&lt;h3&gt;Source:&lt;/h3&gt;&lt;filter:HtmlEncode&gt; &lt;subview:.Posts.One post="<%=post %&gt;" > &lt;/subview:.Posts.One&gt;&lt;/filter:HtmlEncode&gt;&lt;% } %&gt;

Hey - you won’t even need to create that filter. AspView is supplied with four basic (however useful) filters:

Can you think of more reusable view filters? why not post them here, or better yet, supply a patch to AspView with you filters?

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