Screen Cast - Creating MonoRail-AspView Web Application From Scratch


Following many requests from users, I’ve created a screen cast in which I show how to setup a new MonoRail/AspView website, from scratch (no wizards).


On that demo, I’ve used Visual Web Developer 2008 Express and Visual C# 2008 Express, both in Beta2, just to show how you can simulate some of the “Web Application Project” experience in the Express editions. Of course it’s much easier to work with a full Visual Studio with Web Application Project as you then have everything in a single application, and it’s easier to handle.

Nothing on the demo is 2008 specific, and it runs on .NET 2.0, so VS2005 would do just fine here.

The demo is very simple, and I have generally just showed a “Hello World” level of setup. I hope to spare some time to follow up with setting up things like Windsor Integration, the Castle.Tools.CodeGenerator, and other cool stuff.

The links I use on the demo are:

I’ve used Windows Media Encoder to capture the screen, and my SHURE SM58 mic to record the narrating. It’s a great mic, however plugged into my sorry excuse for a sound-card.

It’s my first screen cast, and I’d love to hear comments from you people, both on the content and on the presentation.

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