Cool vs Uncool in programming languages


Have just read Ayende’s post about C#/Java vs Boo/Ruby.

Tried to comment, but then I decided it’s worth a post.

I’d say that the difference is MAF - Management Acceptance Factor

Boo is also a way too cool/strange/creepy name for a distinguished suit to grasp.

It’s like when you’re a collage girl, and you want to introduce your new boyfriend to your mama. It doesn’t matter that he has a BSc and MBA plus 3 castles in the Swiss alps. If he’d first show up to the family on his way-too-cool motorcycle, then you’re going to be grounded.

When I approached my last manager about MonoRail, and told him that the views will be written in ‘Boo’, he got all scared. Then I wrote AspView, views to be written in c#, and he gave consent to go MonoRail.Even though, at least at that time, Brail was way more mature than AspView.The ‘cooler’ languages needs to be marketed to management.

Ruby works in Eclipse. I wonder who is going to start an OSS effort to create a decent Boo plugin for VS2008 (based on the VS2008 shell).

Make it demoable, make it look ‘official’, and MAF would go way higher.

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