SQL Query Generator - First Release


What is it? A tool that generates a strongly typed representation of a relational database, to be used for generating SQL queries in a type-safe fashion, with the aid of intellisense.

Where to get it?

UPDATE (22/06/2008):The source has slightly moved (to a sub folder):http://svn.castleproject.org:8080/svn/castlecontrib/Tools/Castle.Tools.SQLQueryGenerator/


How to use it?- Generating the classes:Run Castle.Tools.SQLQueryGenerator.exe.Parameters:The mandatory flag is /db:DBNAME where DBNAME is your database name. By default, the server being looked for is (local). you can select another using /server:SERVER.By default, Integrated Security is used. You can supply /userid:USER and /password:PASS to override it.You can alternatively supply a /connectionstring:CONSTR parameter.

Usage sample (from Examples.cs in the test project:

SQLQuery q = SQLQuery .Select(SQL.Blogs.Id, SQL.Blogs.Name) .From(SQL.Blogs);Console.WriteLine(q);

Would print out:

SELECT [dbo].[Blogs].[Id], [dbo].[Blogs].[Name]FROM [dbo].[Blogs]

Not impressed? Well,

dbo_ForumMessages Message = SQL.ForumMessages.As("Message");dbo_ForumMessages Parent = SQL.ForumMessages.As("Parent"); SQLQuery q = SQLQuery .Select(Message.Id, Message.ParentId, Message.Content) .From(Message) .Join(Parent, Message.ParentId == Parent.Id);Console.WriteLine(q);

Will spit out

SELECT [Message].[Id], [Message].[ParentId], [Message].[Content]FROM [dbo].[ForumMessages] AS [Message] JOIN [dbo].[ForumMessages] AS [Parent] ON ([Message].[ParentId] = [Parent].[Id])

Need parameters?

Parameter<int> blogId = new Parameter<int>("BlogId"); SQLQuery q = SQLQuery .Select(SQL.Blogs.Id, SQL.Blogs.Name) .From(SQL.Blogs) .Where(SQL.Blogs.Id == blogId);Console.WriteLine(q);

would echo

SELECT [dbo].[Blogs].[Id], [dbo].[Blogs].[Name]FROM [dbo].[Blogs]WHERE ([dbo].[Blogs].[Id] = @BlogId)

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