uk conf


This weekend I’ve had to pleasure to attend the altnetuk conf in London. This has been quite an amazing experience. I have really liked the way it has ben organized into open-spaces, and I just wish I could’ve split myself to four, so I’d be able to be at all of the sessions (the F# one was greatly missed …)

I have met great people, have discussed exciting things, and had a lot of fun.

Most of the people referred to me as “the MonoRail guy” which was quite amusing, as I am only the creator of AspView (which in turn is a shameless idea-and-code ripoff from Brail), and I have very little to do with the actuall coolness and usefulness of MonoRail … I do hope though that I did manage to address pepole concerns regarding MonoRail, and the Castle Project as a whole.

Interesting (however not surprising) moment:

On the panel dealing with MVC frameworks for ASP.NET, about 25 people were around the table. When people who are actually using MonoRail/ASP.NET MVC for commercial production environment, only 4 have raised their hands. however, all the others said that they wish the could have done that, and the only reason they do not, is the reluctance from their bosses/clients.

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