How would you test that?


Given the following code:

public void UpdatePerson(int id, string name){ Person p = peopleRepository.Get(id); = name; peopleRepository.Update(p);}

One answer would be (using a pseudo mocking framework):

Person p = new Person();
Expect.Call(peopleRepository.Get(0)) .Returns(p);
service.UpdatePerson(0, "MyName");

Other approach would be (using pseudo coding again):

Person p = CreateAndInsertToDB();service.UpdatePerson(, "New Name");FlushAndRecreateTheSession();Person updated = GetFromDB(p.Id);Assert.Equal("New Name", updated.Name);

What would you do, and why?

(I’m tagging that also under altnetuk as it has been inspired by a session around test-granularity, mocking frameworks, etc.)

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