The Only "ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 Announcement" Post You'd Want To Read


It seam like every one (now including me) is posting excitingly about the new preview of ASP.NET MVC.

Probably to get traffic or whadever.

Most of those goes like “I usually do not do this, but hey- here’s the link”.

Justice Gray’s post is different.

btw, as you are all excited about it, I’d use that to point you to something quite similar, more mature, that lets you “easily build MVC based applications in ASP.NET with routing, intellisense, and total joy, not to mention that it runs on .NET 2.0 “ - that would be the MonoRail thing, preferably (by me and a few others) accompanied by AspView.

And since I didn’t put the MVC p2 link here, I won’t link to MonoRail and AspView. After all, if you’re reading this, you probably have those links in your favorites …

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