Happy Birthday to ... ME


30, that is.

I’ve been snatched to birthday dinners all week, like it’s not enough that Im on the most full-of-work time of my life. Non-urgent things (like improving AspView or taking a shower) got pushed aside. Just kidding, AspView is important enough …

Sarit took me on a surprise vacation.

Mt. Hermon, view from Kefar Giladi:

Mt. Hermon, view from Kefar Giladi

Grotto at Rosh-Hanikra:Grotto in Rosh-Hanikra

That’s me at the Zavitan pools next to the waterfall:

אני בזויתן 2

As for “next year resolutions” - hmm, I did not put much thought in that so I’m just scribbling:

  1. Complete the bachelor’s degree. High time I did that;

  2. Give at least three talks. I really enjoy sharing knowledge, and it also pushes me to know more on things I consider myself proficient in. First talk is already scheduled for 14 May, at “The Developers Group” meeting on Microsoft Victoria, London UK. I hope there’d more to come;

  3. Delve into Silverlight 2.0;

  4. Learn F#;

  5. Increase my NHibernate skills;

  6. Find time to contribute to Linq For NHibernate;

  7. Continue pushing Castle forward. The whole stack. It’s just great;

  8. Do more sports (cycling and/or swimming);

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