MonoRail talk at The Developers Group


Have just came back from my talk, given for The Developers Group in Microsoft’s Victoria offices, London UK.

Took me a bit to find the place, as the building does not say “Microsoft” on the outside (as opposed to the offices in Israel).

The presentation went pretty much ok, considering it was my first time actually presenting in English, in front of an English crowd, and considering I had a PC malfunction that has forced me to recreate the Demo project, on the train today … Just finished it up 5 seconds before connection the laptop to the projector.

I didn’t manage to squeeze in some of the parts that I wanted to, like JSONReturnBinder and Windsor integration, and like Unit-Testing controllers and views, but I do hope that I managed to do justice with this wonderful stack, within the limited time and my horrible English …

Unfortunately, I missed the post-meeting-pub-thing as I just happened to leave the place last and didn’t see where everyone did go, so if you were there and has some questions, please do not hesitate to leave them here as comments.

Anyway, as promised, here are the slides and the demo project.

If you are using git, and have a git-hub account, then you would be able to follow the demo project’s source at

Have fun.


I’d like to thank Jason from The Developers Group, and Nina from Microsoft, who have helped with the administration part of things. Everything went smooth despite my late arrival. I’d also like to thank the attendees for their patience and listening. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, I definitely have :)

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