AspView Nostalgia


I’ve just stumbled upon an old post on this very blog.

In the post I actually quote a comment I have left on Ayende’s blog. The nice excerpt from there:

Maybe having a ViewEngine that’s use c# or VB.NET instead of boo (not the WebForm ViewEngine which suck, but somthing similar to Brail)

This was on 26/10/2006 …

Three weeks later (on 14/11/2006) I’ve announced AspView, after starting working with the first bits for my employer at the time, SQLink

Two days later I have made a first release public.

on 01/12/2006 I was granted a Write access to castle/contrib - AspView started gaining some recognition from the community

The rest is history. You can follow on the AspView tag here

What’s there to come? stay tuned and find out

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