Live, from Vista


My poor old laptop has had a lot of problems lately, priming at ignoring any network connection yesterday and having many problems with svn and git sessions when the network was on, so I decided to re-install.


‘twas 1am, so I thought ‘what the heck - let’s try this vista thing at last’.


It was surprisingly a smooth experience. The initial setup identified almost all of the drivers, but the sound-card and the SD card reader. However, the auto updates (which took over an hour cuz there was apparently a lot to update) took care of the sound, and I got the SD driver from Texas Instrument’s site.


What I had to install to make the machine workable for day-to-day work:

still missing (no time) but essential:


btw, since I’ve installed VS2008 without going 2005 first and without the full SDKs, I ran into a problem with NAnt 0.86b1 - complaining about missing .NET 2.0 stuff.  It appear to be a known bug in NAnt, that has been fixed back on late 2007, so I’ve just switched to a nightly build of 0.86b2 and the problem did go away.  I need to make sure that it won’t affect my Castle build.


Didn’t have much to say here. I consider it a test post (see if Writer will work from Vista) but it beats the crap out of "TEST POST PLEASE IGNORE" …

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