Alt.NET Israel conf - registration is open


It’s on "First in first served" basis, and there is a limited capacity, so go ahead and register at the conference page:


You’d need an openid identity in order to register. If you don’t have one, that’s be a great opportunity to get yourself one. it’s free, and it’s gaining more and more popularity as a SSO mechanism for the web. I’m using - signing up was simple, easy and fast.



Please do not register, just because of the free admission if you don’t think that you’d come. Otherwise you’d be taking a place of someone else’s.

If you do register and later on find out that you won’t be able to take part, please contact us organisers so we’d be able to add people from the waiting list.


if you blog - go ahead and spread the word.

if you can - tag it with "alt-net-israel" and/or "altnetconf" so it would propagate to the aggregators.


cya there

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