On google insights - do numbers always count?


A dude on the ALT.NET Israel mailing list has given the new Google Insights a few things to chew on.

For example, he’s shown that there is much more interest in ASP.NET MVC over MonoRail.

So a wonder came up, whether one should choose a framework or a technology should it be highly searched for.

my take on the matter:

I’d look for this type of people in the tech community.

People that:

No matter how you’d turn the search statistics, based on parameter 3 only, any OSS will be way ahead a closed source solution.

Gustavo Ringel also had a say:

I see a lot of articles about how to do stupid things with typed datasets, and much less about how to do great things with ORM’s…should i had go for typed datasets instead of NHibernate or other ORM because i have more help of less skilled people?

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