Lockers dictionary



Problem: A thread looking for an item in the cache to find that it’s not there, would issue the http request to fill the cache. A second thread might want to initiate another call if it needs the data before the first thread has updated the cache.

Solution 1: use locks on the cache object.

problem with that: you lock the whole cache, so other threads looking for a different type of data will be blocked, even though it’s okay for them to get data from the cache, and even to insert data with a different key into the cache.

Solution 2: Keep a key per requested entry. Now you only lock what needs locking.

You’d keep a dictionary of lockers ( new object() ), then the action of obtaining a locker will cause a full cache lock, however the lock duration will be short (the time it takes to retrieve an object from a Hashtable, or to new an object and put it in the Hashtable), and then the long out-of-process operation of loading the object will be with a lock on the specific key, while the rest of the Cache is accessible for reads and writes by other threads.

Note - this is notepad (or rather WindowsLiveWriter) code. You’d need to fix syntax errors, and inspect the usage. License is MIT - Use at your own risk, and don’t forget to attribute it to the writer

class KeyLevelSafeCache


   IDictionary lockers = new Hashtable();

   IDictionary cache = new Hashtable();

   object ObtainLockerFor(string key)


      return thread-safely-get-an-object-from-lockers-hashtable()


   public T Get<T>(string key, Func<T> load())


      var locker = ObtainLockerFor(key);

      //now retrieve the object from the cache using 'locker'



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