Israel is finally on the (Google) map


For a long time now, we in Israel did not have a free and convenient mapping solution. If you wanted to mashup mapping, you had to buy highly priced licenses from one of the mapping companies, like AtlasCity, eMap or Mapa.

These suppliers also did not support querystring based mapping location, so you just couldn’t share a quick link to a location.

However, as of today, Israel’s maps are showing up on Google maps website.

Street names are still missing, and the satellite images are not detailed enough, but now I can link to a [map showing Bat-Yam]( lang_iw&hl=en&ll=32.042132,34.809666&spn=0.102439,0.150375&z=13) (where I live) in conjunction with Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport (at the bottom right corner)

I once was helping a friend with a startup that involved geo-location and mashups, and since he wanted a next-no-nothing cost for the proof of concept, and since it relied on mapping mashups, and none was available freely, he couldn’t have complete that stage and the thing has gone away.

I guess now we’ll start seeing all kinds of interesting masups with the maps, considering Israel is known to breed tons of new startups.

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