Where is Ayende?


I mean, see how dependant on rss I became.

I’m doing my blog reading through google reader and I’m quite happy with it. One of the first blogs I was subscribed to is Ayende’s. This dude usually post about 100 articles a day, so it’s a safe bet to see him in the Unread list when I fire up reader to help my morning coffee down the throat.

At 17 Sep. I stopped finding new posts there, knowing Oren personally, I knew he was doing some off-shore consulting gigs and I figured he had little time for that.

I even remember a certain known figure in the .NET OSS world who have asked me to try and visit Oren in his home, as this dude was worried due to the unlikely low profile on his blog for some time …

I did reach him then by email and that was enough to prove he’s alive and well, but I didn’t think about asking him on the matter of the silence on the blog feed.

Today I opened up his blog to look at something in his blog’s layout and the first thing that I noticed was that there’s a new layout. Then I found that there are many new posts, which I did not get to my reader.

Apparently what happened is that the feed is being burned via feedburner now, and I was looking at his old Dasblog based feed endpoint, and the redirect from there is probably no more in place.

Lesson I’ve learned: pop onto my favourite bloggers’ sites from time to time.

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