Introducing Monorail Project


From the mailing list:

… the PMC decided to make a few changes to the Castle Project:- Projects will be split- Each project will have a leader (positions open to any committer)By that we intent to fix our release debt. as having each project running individually allow us to release and document each one of them without dragging/waiting for others.

We still haven’t decided how to solve dependencies and such, but with time I’m certain we’ll be able to come up with solution that will benefit the community.

ah, and I have been the one appointed as Project Leader for Monorail.

Quoting again from the mailing list:
We would expect from the leaders to oversee the development (near and long term), set up goals, roadmaps, coordinate the documentation effort and release it.

So my main effort now will be to push a Monorail 1.0 RTM release out of the door. There are many things that need be done before this comes true as in terms of the non-code aspects (like docs, wizards, etc.), Monorail is not as ready as ActiveRecord for example.

I will be posting some specific requests for help on the various tasks that will need to be done. I hope that with the aid of the community, we will have a release soon-ish.

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