Delving deeper


Took me a little while to set my mind on it, but after doing remote contracting for a year and a half I’ve had enough of pyjama-driven work, and I started looking for brilliant teams to become part of.

In the past I always worked at places where I was, in technical terms at least, the leader. At most, I shared that position with Oren Ellenbogen at SQLink for a while, but at the end of the day I always had the ability to veto on technological issues, and people were following my advice on seniority basis.

While contracting, I worked with this amazing start-up company in the UK. They have very experienced and smart people on boards, and it was the first time I found that I really need to fight to get my voice heard. It would be an understatement to say that the satisfaction from knowing this kind of team has accepted my proposals at times is enormous. That’s because I was challenged, and needed to lead a change in a place I’m not the CTO/Team-leader of. When at later point we did things according to my suggested (and accepted) design, and was happy to work with it as it was easier and more fun, I was very proud of my work.

One more aspect of my past employment is that it was always in small to small-ish teams. at most I was a part of about 10 people R&D department.

So what I was looking for now was a company with a large(r) R&D team, with great people with whom I can learn together. A place that is being managed well, that is fun to work for, and that will challenge my skills and push me to learn and evolve.

Being the software geek that I am for so many years, and also active in the development community, I am blessed with friends who are holding various positions in R&D departments around the country. This gave me the opportunity to come in to amazing companies, and go through very interesting interviews (that goes way beyond abstract-class-vs-interface, testing my design, coding and testing skills, my knowledge in software architecture and problem-solving skills).

At the end I picked up It’s acoolstartupcompanywithembarrassinglysmartpeople and I’m honoured to be in their ranks.

Oh, and they are also using AspView in production from day one … ;)

To new beginnings,

Ken the devler

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