Beware of static session


The bug: Weird behaviours regarding session management

  The blame: (within session access wrapper static class):

private static IDictionary session;
if (session == null)   session = new SessionAdapter(HttpContext.Current.Session);

so the first time the last line is called, the then-current-session is stored in a static variable, thus the first session is always referenced even for newer sessions.


The reason for the above code being present in the first place is that:

public static void SetSessionTo(IDictionary newSession)
    session = newSession;

So that tests that a stubbed ‘session’ could have been injected into the session-wrapper-static-class thingie.

Clearly, the implementation was wrong.

  The fix: now the code looks like this:

private static IDictionary stubbedSession;

static IDictionary Session
    get { return stubbedSession ?? MonoRailHttpHandler.CurrentContext.Session; }

And these were 60 seconds on careless coding.


Ken, the careless coder

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