Quick scripting – Boo to the rescue


Today I needed to run a SQL script that sat in a 1.4Gb text file.

It includes the schema creation, plus a massive amount of INSERTs, all for a project I need to complete in order to get my Bachelour’s degree from uni. The amount of data is due to the fact the it’s an Advanced DB seminar, and I’m demo-ing DB related stuff, so size matter.


Anyway, the script was lacking the “use DBNAME” at it’s top. and since the file was too large to open up in the Management Studio, I wanted to OSQL it. I just needed a way to add the “use” statement at it’s top.


Quick and dirty boo script to the rescue (add.boo):

import System.IO
import System.Text

r = StreamReader('openu.sql')
w = StreamWriter('new_unicode.sql', false, Encoding.Unicode)
w.WriteLine('use openuni')
l = r.ReadLine()
while (l != null):
	l = r.ReadLine()


Running it with

booi add.boo


And executing with

OSQL -E -i new_unicode.sql


Who needs powershell …?

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