MySql won’t start – Error 1067


We’re using MySql at work, and for that I installed 5.1 on my workstation (Windows 7 RC x64), with all the defaults (next, next, next, …, finish)


Being environmentally friendly (or mentally instable – depends on who you’re asking), I tend to shut down my workstation when I go home at the end of every day.


So – today, when first navigating to a url served by my local working copy, I was greeted with a SystemException telling me that MySql is not responding.


My first reaction was WTF

My following reaction was

Win-R cmd net start mysql

Surprisingly enough, instead of the laconic OK, I was greeted with:

The MySQL service could not be started.

A system error has occurred.

System error 1067 has occurred.

My next reaction was back to WTF.


Goggling around I found no meaningful answer, so I went for uninstall/reinstall.

So, Win+MySql (to look for an uninstaller in the Start Menu, lazy me) I stumbled upon “MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard”

This dude apparently can re-do the Instance Configuration thing, and running it (again with the next, …, next, finish ritual) appear to have fixed the problem.


After all I do have something nice to say about MySql.  when weird shit happen, there is a tool to make instance re-install rather painless.

All the rest about it is crap.

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