The big development machines survey


All right, not that big.


I’ve set up a simple survey about what development machine you use at  work. If you are self employed and are using your personal machine for paid work, please state that in the comments field.



It is located at, go ahead and click your way into there.


Some explanations:

in the CPU slot, choose the CPU you have. the nC/mT bit on the Core i7 is about how many Cores and how many Threads the CPU support. Most i7 cpus has two cores, with hyperthreading, so the OS reports 4 cpus. There are some 4 cores models (with HT – the OS say 8) and a single model with 6 cores. You can browse this Intel’s page to get a feel about yours.

If you’re on an AMD, then just try to match the nearest option. I am not familiar with current AMD models, sorry.



This is the first time I deploy to google’s AppEngine, and the first time I am actually deploying python code as an application rather than automation scripts, so please be patient with possible failures.

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