CDRW driven nostalgia–WinFX edition


I was looking in my box-with-old-cds to find a CDRW to burn some podcast episodes (I have a CD based MP3 player in my car) and I stumbled upon an old CDRW. Looking into the content before erasing, and I found there some early beta installations for WinFX – that is what .NET 3.0 used to be called. These files were from mid-2006.


so, 4 and something years ago I was all excited about the new, shiny things from MS. The farthest away I went was into some use of the Boo language, and starting with some .NET OSS hacking (AspView, and Castle in general)

These days I find myself using Ruby (go Sinatra), Python (for AppEngine), and even god forbid Java. git it is my SCM of choice, MongoDB and MySql for data storage, etc.

I still find the .NET environment most productive, with a high quality core and superb language support, but I certainly have expanded my horizons to other areas.


I wonder what my areas of interests would look like on 2014 …

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