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You’re missing the point After writing my last the post, I kind-of learned that not everyone got my point correctly. For e.g., someone who did not get my point right, took it personally perhaps, and started bashing me and the .NET crowd (as if I was a formal representative or something) over at Google plus.

Anyway My points:- I don’t like people from one discipline bash other people and disciplines

**according to the comments on my previous post, and after talking to a few people that whished to remain anonymous, I am not the only one.

Not my points:- Technology X is better than Y. It is about flavors and personal preferences. Productivity and quality has lots more to do with the actual team than the technology choices.

**I’ve been asked to name the persons and/or groups where I was getting the offensive vibe, but I am not in the business of name calling and finger pointing. The people who are offensive already know that, and they are also very unlikely to change anyway so it won’t do any good.

My personal take Maybe I am too offensive myself. Perhaps I should have titled that last post something like “The Ruby train is sometimes a bit too loud”. Changing it now will hurt the context though, but I will try to be more aware.

Back to being friends everyone?

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